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FTM Procedures for Radios

For the older radios there will be jumper cheat sheets followed by tips for each device.  For the newer radios their will be procedures for talking to the boxes.  These can be tweaked for your company. Inquire for more information.


DCUB Scheme

Jumper cheat sheets for each card in the chassis. Care is taken as older cards have jumpers that differ from newer cards.  Some cards come in multiple flavors.


DCUB or DTT Schemes

A document for each scheme is available.  This radio is the first to have a dedicated SOE card. The procedure has a help sheet for communicating to that card.  The radio has multiple cards that come in different flavors such as the Filter Card for the transmitter.


All Schemes

This is Ameteks all in one radio.  It can do DCUB, DCB, DTT Tx, and DTT Rx. It does have a handful of jumpers spread among a few cards and the backplane of the radio.

Radio Jumper Sheets: List
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