Power Line Carrier: White Papers

Unique looks at interesting topics. Ever had an interesting Carrier Question? A tough problem reach out to to PLC Experts. A couple customers have come forward with a few topics. I've also gotten a few on my own from the difference conferences I have attended this year. In an attempt to officially document these topics I have created Power Line Carrier: White Papers. PLC-WP for short! All coming in the next few weeks.

PLC-WP: DCUB or POTT, which is the correct choice?

- Be careful its a trick question.

PLC-WP: SEL - Echo Keying (EKey) vs Echo Conversion to Trip (ECTT)

- Always confused and never understood. No more....

PLC-WP: Coax Cables - Is your system running at optimum levels?

- Always getting the question "Is my Coax good or bad?" Everything you wanted to

know about best testing methods and what the testing shows.

PLC-WP: Signal Coupling between phases of the Transmission Line

- Ever wonder just how much signal is bouncing around between your phases. Take a

look at some of the examples that have been sent to me.



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